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McKinney Car Accident Attorney

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All of the issues highlighted above can be avoided simply by working with a skilled McKinney car accident attorney. Your lawyer can advocate on your behalf, thereby preventing blunders you’d be likely to make if handling the case on your own. Self-representation simply isn’t worth the risk.

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The Safest Highway Lanes, According to Science?

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The Safest Highway Lanes to Avoid a Car Accident [...]

What Happens If I Was Part At Fault For Auto Accident in Texas?

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You recently suffered a horrific car accident, and you believe that the other driver was largely to blame. No one is perfect, however, and your actions behind the wheel could have contributed to the collision-at least in the eyes of the law.

How Much Money Can I Recover After a Car Accident?

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If you've been in a McKinney car accident, a variety of factors can influence your potential for recovery. Aggressive representation may improve your chances of achieving the damages you deserve.

Risks and Consequences of McKinney’s Master Thoroughfare Plan

By | 2019-08-25T19:16:15+00:00 December 22nd, 2017|Texas Car Accident Lawyer|0 Comments

Traffic congestion causes more accidents and therefore more injuries. Clutter on the road also means delays-more vehicles on the roads for longer due to gridlock and slow traffic.

McKinney’s Traffic Creates McKinney Car Accidents?

McKinney's Master Thoroughfare Plan poses challenges that at first glance are not obvious. The plan's layout seems to encourage an influx of traffic and more people-a seemingly benign goal. The problem is that many key roads are not going to be widened.

McKinney’s Master Thoroughfare Plan: What is it?

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Increased car wrecks can be a serious downside to the rapid urban growth that McKinney is experiencing..

4 Podcasts To Help When Recovering from Serious Car Accidents

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Healing can be an arduous process. While you know [...]