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If you have been subjected to a negligent accident with a semi-truck, tanker truck, 18-wheeler, or any other type of large vehicle, an Allen truck accident lawyer can be there to represent your case during your fight for compensation.

Fortunately, Texas has laws in place that may allow you to recover compensatory damages, which include:

Here at Underwood Law Office, we know that little things can make a big difference after a serious truck accident. That is why our attorneys will work to fully document your pain and suffering. Through gathering fact-based evidence to support your claims, our attorneys can assign a value to your case that truly represents your losses.

Our firm is proud to offer numerous legal services to accident victims, ranging from negotiating settlements to civil litigation and beyond. For more information about our services, an Underwood Law Office team member would love to offer you a free consultation. Contact our team today at (972) 535-6377 to get started.

The Next Steps After Being Injured in a Truck Accident

Allen is no stranger to truck accident injuries. As detailed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), there were 884 total crashes on Allen roadways in 2019. When large trucks are involved, these accidents often become devastating. Further data from TxDOT shows that accidents involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV) in Collin County resulted in over 578 crashes that same year.

Due to the sheer power and weight of large trucks, these accidents often result in serious injuries for the occupants of other vehicles, including:

If you have sustained any injuries after your truck accident, no matter how insignificant they may seem, you should catalog all the documents related to your hardships. This includes medical bills, proof of your diagnosis, rehabilitation costs, paperwork related to your lost wages, and more. If the accident was due to negligence, and you decide to take legal action against the offender, these documents may serve as the basis for any potential settlement negotiations.

Determining Liability in Truck Accidents

After any vehicular accident, investigators can determine the cause of the crash. Though larger in scale, the same process used to investigate a car accident is applied to truck accidents. And, there tends to be similarities between the causes of car and truck accidents.

For example, when a truck causes serious damage after rear-ending a victim’s car at an intersection, it may be safe to assume that the accident was caused by the truck driver’s inattention, intoxication, incapacitation, vehicle failure, or other negligent factors. Otherwise, they would not have been driving at such a high speed without slowing down

In fact, many of these negligent factors have shown up continuously in truck accidents over the years, providing key evidence along the way.

According to a nationwide study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the most common causes of dangerous truck accidents included:

If you choose to retain an Allen truck accident lawyer at Underwood Law Office, our attorneys can call upon industry experts to examine the circumstances surrounding your accident. These experts may be able to reveal the truth about a driver’s liability. Often, these individuals gather evidence by performing scientific testing, examining documentation from the crash scene, studying past cases, or reconstructing the accident based on the given evidence.

To learn more about the methods our attorneys use to prove liability, contact an Underwood Law Office representative today at (972) 535-6377 to receive your free consultation.

Allen Truck Accident Attorneys Ready To Fight for Your Case

Your life should not be defined by a truck accident. By taking legal action against the negligent parties responsible for your pain and suffering, you may be able to find the justice you deserve.

Here at Underwood Law Office, we hope an Allen truck accident lawyer can be there for you if you find yourself in need of legal assistance. Although every case has its own unique challenges, our attorneys provide numerous services to help you find peace of mind.

Our legal services include, but are not limited to:

While you should wait until you are healthy enough to proceed with your case, you should know that Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 assigns a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. This time limit begins on the day your accident occurred. If you let this two-year period pass, you may be prohibited from taking civil action.

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