Reckless Driving

A reckless driver who causes a car accident may also face a civil lawsuit for personal injuries brought by the car accident victim or a wrongful death action brought by the victim's surviving family members.

When reckless driving, aggressive driving or road rage causes injury or death, victims may be entitled to recover compensation for their losses. This may include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering or wrongful death. An experienced car accident attorney at Underwood Law Offices can help victims of reckless driving accidents take legal action and recover the maximum amount of money they deserve under the law.

What is Reckless or Aggressive Driving?

Reckless or aggressive driving refers to driving in a way that puts people at serious risk. Reckless driving goes beyond just exceeding the speed limit by a mile or two an hour or coming to a rolling stop at a stop sign. Reckless driving or aggressive driving refers to inherently dangerous behaviors that endanger not just the reckless driver but also everyone else on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) specifically defines aggressive driving as a "combination of moving traffic offenses" that "endanger other persons or property." Some examples of reckless or aggressive driving include:

  • Ignoring yield signs or failing to yield to other drivers or pedestrians who have the right-of-way.
  • Ignoring traffic signals, including red lights and stop signs.
  • Driving too closely behind the vehicle in front (tailgating).
  • Passing in no passing zones, passing without sufficient space or passing in an unsafe way, such as speeding on the inside lane of a highway.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic, especially on highways.

These behaviors are considered extremely dangerous because they significantly increase the chances of a car accident happening. The Governors Highway Safety Association also includes speeding in its definition of aggressive driving. Speeding-related car accidents cause around $40 billion in financial losses and more than 13,000 deaths every single year according to the National Safety Council.

Aggressive Driving Puts Motorists, Pedestrians and Bicyclists at Risk

Aggressive or reckless driving is illegal for a very good reason: many people lose their lives each year because of bad decisions made by reckless drivers. In fact, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates that as much as 56 percent of all fatal U.S. car accidents are a direct result of aggressive driving.

With around 30,000 people killed in car accidents each year in the United States, this means that a huge number of people are dying from preventable car accidents that could have been avoided if drivers simply had made the choice to be careful instead of reckless and aggressive behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, people who are in a hurry, who are experiencing road rage or who are simply bad drivers still make the risky choice to drive in an aggressive way. These drivers not only increase the likelihood that an accident will occur, but they also increase the chances that a crash will cause serious injuries.

Aggressive driving accidents tend to be especially dangerous because:

  • The crashes often occur at higher speeds. This means a greater impact, more force and more serious injuries.
  • The crashes are often head-on or side-impact. Both head-on and side-impact crashes commonly result from unsafe passing or failure to yield. Head-on crashes are especially deadly because of the combined force of the vehicles and the direct impact to drivers and passengers, while side-impact crashes are deadly because the side of the vehicle provides little protection from the force of a crash.

Accident Lawyer Helping Victims of Aggressive Driving

If you were involved in a car accident caused by an aggressive or reckless driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. Family members of those who were killed in reckless driving crashes may also have a legal cause of action against the reckless driver.

The experienced, caring car accident attorneys at Underwood Law Offices are prepared to help you with a settlement, lawsuit or any type of car accident claim arising from aggressive or dangerous driving. We know how devastating it can be when someone gets hurt because another driver chose to be reckless or aggressive. We also understand how important it is to you to get the full compensation that you deserve and that you need to move forward with your life.

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