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Bad Soden 2505095 1280 Do I Have a Claim if Unsafe Conditions on Someone’s Property Caused My Injury?

If you were injured on someone else’s property, you may […]

The Role of Underinsured Motorist Coverage Does My Car Insurance Cover Accidents on My Bicycle or While Walking?

Walking or Riding a bicycle can be a relaxing pastime […]

539b1ac1 3ada 4a78 Ac7f 1e93ee47c16d 800x534 Can I Sue Someone For Damages If They Were Already Found Guilty in Criminal Court?

Watch this video on YouTube What happens if the negligent […]

Pic 7438 800x532 Can I Sue If My Child Has Been Burned?

It's always horrifying to see your children sustain severe injuries, […]

Personal Injury Law 800x533 Can You Sue an Apartment Building Owner for Negligent Security After a Rape?

The pain of sexual assault is almost unimaginable. It’s challenging […]

Federal Sentencing Guidelines: The Good, The Bad and The OMG

If you've been convicted of violating a federal criminal law, […]

Marijuana - West Virginia: How to Protect Your Student From Drug Charges West Virginia: How to Protect Your Student From Drug Charges

Question: My son is a freshman at Marshall. He's always been a good kid, but lately his grades are slipping and he seems to be hanging out with a crowd that is using drugs--one of his friends was just arrested for possession of marijuana. What should I advise my son to do if the cops come calling?

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