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Will You Face Unique Financial Issues During Your Gray Divorce?

Divorce can be emotionally devastating. But if you’re not prepared [...]

Divorcing the Breadwinner

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It's a scenario that has been played out many times across our state and across the country. A young mother leaves her job to stay at home and raise the kids. Her husband, a doctor, is the breadwinner and all the couple's money flows through him. But, somewhere along the way the relationship has crumbled and the husband wants a divorce. The young mother worries about custody with no current income or job.

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At a financial disadvantage in your divorce? Don’t lose hope

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In many marriages, spouses split responsibilities and take on different roles. For instance, you might manage your children and the home as the primary caregiver while your spouse manages finances as the primary income earner.

Deep In The (Broken) Heart of Texas: Five Podcasts To Get You Through Your Divorce

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"Divorce court is so awful," someone once said, "I [...]

Divorce Texas: Alcohol Dependency Treatment In McKinney, Texas

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Divorce in Texas is always awful. When a spouse [...]