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Other Types of Negligence Accidents

Personal Injury Law Book
At Underwood Law Office we have handled thousands of different personal injury cases over the last 30 years.  Literally, we could write a book about all the different injury cases that we have handled.  Generally, the different cases can be grouped into five subcategories, including: premises liability, negligence, motor vehicle and environmental law.

Premises Liability Law:

Underwood Law Office has handled many different premises liability cases over the years, including:
  • trip and fall case caused by a crack in a city sidewalk from a fire hydrant that leaked for many years. The client was a court reporter who broke her wrist on her dominant hand;
  • convenience store negligent security case where a store patron was shot by a drug dealer. The client was rendered a paraplegic as result of the shooting. We proved that store employees created a dangerous condition by buying narcotics from the shooter. We also proved that using inoperable “dummy” cameras was negligent in the high crime area.
  • grocery store negligent maintenance case where a single grape had fallen in the cash register area. The client slipped and fell on the grape while paying for her groceries. The case settled after Mark Underwood, Esq. discovered a smoking gun memo titled: “The Million Dollar Grape” that the grocery store had written after a similar plaintiff injury had happened previously.
  • grocery store negligent maintenance case where “Joy” dishwashing liquid had spilled in the floor of a shopping aisle. The client slipped on the dishwashing liquid while shopping and suffered severe injuries. The property owner store asserted that it always promptly cleaned its aisles. Through investigators, and video, we proved similar substances were not cleaned from the floor for many days despite the store’s assertions.
  • Two Convenience store fire cases against very large national oil companies where patrons caught fire while pumping gasoline. The clients caught fire when static electricity at the nozzle ignited the fumes from the gasoline. Our negligence claims proved that the nozzle had not been properly maintained, and the customer had not been warned about the dangers of re-entering a vehicle during cold dry weather.
  • hotel swimming pool and hot tub death where the client died from injuries he received climbing out of the hot tub in his hotel room. He had been celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary with his high school sweetheart. We proved that the hotel actions in using the wrong substance to clean the tile around the hot tub was a failure to exercise due care. The waxy substance decreased the coefficient of friction on the stairs of the hot tub and resulted in a very slippery walking surface.
  • hotel liquor liability case where the client taken to the hotel by the hotel bartender. The client was given free drinks until he reached a .31 blood alcohol liability. At the end of the night, the client called a taxi to take him home. While the waiting in the hotel lobby for the taxi he had called, hotel employees made him wait outside. They ordered: “You are intoxicated to remain in here. We have customers checking in.” After the client staggered outside to wait for the taxi, he fell down a hill and was run over by a car at high speed. He was in a persistent vegetative state for many years.

Negligence Cases:

The negligence cases that Underwood Law Office has handled many types of negligence cases over the years, including:
  • A trucking liability case where an intoxicated and high on marijuana driver of a semi-tractor trailer exited a freeway off ramp and ran over a car with four teenage boys in it. The tractor trailer driver attempted to escape the crash by immediately entering the on ramp to return to the highway. His truck broke down on the highway about two miles away and he was arrested. The crash killed one teenager and injured the other three. It was caught on cell phone video while one of the teenage passengers recorded a selfie.
  • Motorcycle accident cases where the defendants breached the duties owed by turning their automobiles left in front of our clients who had the right of way.
  • A scuba diving death case in Costa Rica and filed under the United States Death on the High Seas Act. The Costa Rican resort where the client vacationed filled his scuba tanks with air contaminated with carbon monoxide which came from an air filter that had burned during the filling of the scuba tanks. The next day, the resort employee leading the scuba dive became ill and floated to the surface of the water with carbon monoxide poisoning. As the boat crew rescued the resort employee and rushed him to the hospital, several members of the dive team also floated to the surface with carbon monoxide poisoning. Our client died because there was no dive boat to rush him back medical treatment.
  • The 2010 Upper Big Branch Mass Disaster case where a coal mine exploded and killed 29 people. Underwood Law Office represented 12 coal miners injured and the family of one miner killed in the explosion. By using advanced 3T MRI imaging, we proved that many of the injured had suffered traumatic brain injuries from the explosion.
  • Several coal mine accident cases where the coal company violated industry safety standards that resulted in serious physical injuries to the client, including amputation of a limb, back injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Products Liability:

  • The 2013 West, TX Fertilizer Plant explosion where a retail ammonium nitrate dealer blew up and killed over 15 people. Underwood Law Office, and three other firms, represented over 180 of the victims of the disaster. Theories of liability were alleged against the retailer included negligence. Theories of liability against the large chemical companies that manufactured the ammonium nitrate include negligence, failure to warn, strict product liability and negligent product stewardship.
  • Toyota Four Runner Rollover case where the client became a quadriplegic while Mark Underwood worked with the Fredeking, firm in Huntington, WV. The client who was a valedictorian of her high school class used the compensation recovered to become a lawyer in Houston, TX.
  • slip and fall case for a golfer that involved wearing an early version of golf shoe soft spikes while descending a set of stairs at a course. Theories alleged against the spike manufacturer included strict products liability, failure to warn and negligence.

Environmental Cases:

  • The 2014 Elk River Chemical Spill where a chemical tanked owned by Freedom Industries leaked crude 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) into the Kanawha river poisoning the water for nearly 300,000 resident of the areas surrounding Charleston, WV. Underwood Law Office, and five other firms, represented the plaintiffs in the United States District Court class action litigation that resulted in a $151 million settlement. Theories alleged against the large chemical company defendants included products liability, failure to warn and product stewardship. Theories of liability alleged against the water company included negligence and liability under several federal environmental statutes.
  • The 2017 Arkema Chemical Plant explosions. It was an industrial disaster that polluted the air and water during Hurricane Harvey in Crosby, Texas. Flooding from the hurricane disabled the refrigeration system. The defendants actions were negligent because they had not properly protected or elevated at the plant which manufactured organic peroxides.

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