Our Criminal Defense Practice

If you have been charged with a crime, know that law enforcement offices and prosecutors are doing everything in their power to get a conviction in your case. They may make repeated attempts to talk with you about what happened, and try to get you to provide them with the evidence that they need to disprove your story.

At the Underwood Law Offices, with locations in McKinney, Texas, and Huntington, West Virginia, our attorneys understand exactly what is at stake in your case. From the moment we begin representing you, we will stand up to prosecutors to ensure that they protect your rights. We are not afraid to stand up for you and your future.

Criminal Cases That We Handle

Every criminal charge has consequences, and you need to take your case seriously. You are not going to be able to "explain away" the charges. In fact, you will just make matters worse if you talk to police without an attorney present. You need professional, experienced representation to provide a strong defense on your behalf. We have handled a number of different types of criminal matters, including:

  • DUI/DWI — We can help you protect your driving privileges and minimize the potential consequences that might be handed down in your case.
  • Drug crimes — We work hard to reduce the charges you may be facing, including making use of sentencing alternatives and diversionary programs that help you our goal is to get your life back on track.
  • Domestic violence — We represent individuals who have been charged with crimes of violence against family members.
  • Assault — We review all of the evidence to determine any possible defenses available to you.
  • White collar crimes — Our attorneys understand how to review the paper trail to gather evidence that refutes the allegations against you.
  • Any other misdemeanor or felony charge — We will help you review all of your options and develop a strategy that protects what is important to you.

Our attorneys have spent their entire careers inside the courtroom. While we will negotiate with prosecutors in an effort to find a deal that is in your best interests, we are all ready to go to trial to protect your rights. We will use our skills and knowledge to build a case that allows you to present the strongest defense possible.

Our Goal Is To Get Your Life Back

We will provide you with aggressive representation throughout your case. To schedule your free consultation with our experienced criminal defense lawyers, call our McKinney office at 469-573-4558, our Huntington office at 304-209-4387 or send us an email. Se habla español.