Texas Personal Injury Lawyers

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Texas Personal Injury Lawyers at Underwood Law Offices, make our community safer by representing people needlessly harmed by others.

To keep up with the latest information, call toll free: 844-Underwood (844) 863-3786. We have law offices in McKinney, Texas serving all of North Dallas, including McKinney, TX, Allen, TX and Frsco, TX and Huntington, West Virginia serving Huntington, WV and the entire State.

Over the eighteen years that we have been in business, we have handled personal injury cases that include auto accidents, car crashes, coal mine accidents and deaths, fertilizer plant explosions, chemical spill cases, civil rights cases, tainted food cases, slip and falls, social host liability for serving alcohol, premises liability, mass disasters including the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion, the West, TX Fertilizer Plant Explosion, the Elk River Chemical spill, automobile lemon law violations, sports injuries, products liability, deaths at hotels, hazardously placed fire hydrants, falling cardboard bales that have crushed employees, brain injuries, post traumatic stress discorder, blidness, amputations, railroad deaths and many others.

Source: West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Blog | Underwood Law Offices

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