What's the Safest Way to Pass Trucks on the Highway?

Safest Way to Pass Truck on Highway

Tips For Avoiding Dangerous Truck Accidents

A common scenario on the highway: you're a car driver wedged in a seemingly endless line of slow-moving trucks. You're not willing to sit behind a semi, but you're also worried that passing could lead to catastrophe. After all, trucks have larger blind spots, need a lot of time to maneuver, and take forever to pass.

Go ahead and pass that truck-but keep these considerations in mind so as to minimize the potential for a McKinney truck accident:

Don't Follow Closely Behind Prior to Passing

As you prepare to pass, keep a healthy distance between your car and the truck in front of you. At minimum, 30 feet should separate the two vehicles. Signal clearly to indicate your next move.

Pass in the Left Lane

The left lane is referred to as the 'passing lane' for a reason; it's the safest place to pass any vehicle, but particularly trucks and buses. It's frustrating to be stuck behind a slow truck in the left lane, but resist the urge to pass on the right side.

Don't Linger in the Truck's Blind Spot

Trucks have huge blind spots on both sides. Pass promptly while still abiding by the speed limit. Don't hang out in the blind spot area, which, in the left (passing) lane, constitutes the truck's entire front half.

Let One Car Pass at a Time

If more than one car passes a truck at once, at least one is virtually guaranteed to end up in the truck's blind spot. Furthermore, you risk running not only into the truck, but also facing a collision with the other car-or a particularly devastating crash involving all three vehicles.

Patience, awareness, and clear signaling can greatly reduce the risk of collision as you drive near-and pass-large trucks. Caution can prevent a devastating accident.

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