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What If The Other Driver Lies About A Car Accident?

What If The Other Driver Lies About A Car Accident?

Conflicting Stories Are Common After Car Accidents.

Even if they're clearly at fault, drivers hate to admit that they've erred after a car accident. Psychologically it is hard for people to take responsibility.  Many car insurance companies also advise their policy holders to never accept responsibility under any circumstances.  Unfortunately, the evidence in your case may not point strongly in your favor. As a modified comparative negligence state, Texas allows both parties to be held partially liable; it is, therefore, crucial that you get your story straight.

We once represented a young high school student at McKinney Boyd High School in McKinney.  She was on her way home from school and was stopped on Highway 380 just west of the 75 Freeway.  A Mercedes Benz, four vehicles back, caused a chain reaction crash that hurt our client.  At trial, the driver of the Mercedes Benz, lied and tried to blame our client for causing the wreck - even though she was the fourth car in the five-car pile-up.  Fortunately, the jury saw through the fabrication and compensated our client.  Many times, the insurance companies at least tacitly encourage the refusal to accept responsibility.

Contact the Police After Car Accidents

Texas law requires that you report accidents with damages exceeding $1,000 to the Department of Transportation if not already investigated by law enforcement officials. Contacting the police even if damages seem minor. Negligent drivers who lie about accident circumstances may retract incorrect statements after seeing official police reports.

We have recently seen the McKinney Police Department refusing to write a report for car wrecks that did not result in life threatening injuries or death.  If this happens, you should politely but firmly insist the McKinney Police Department write a report.

Lies in Car Wrecks

Collect Evidence As Soon As Possible

Immediately following your accident, take photos and jot down notes about the circumstances. The more evidence you gather now, the easier it will be to prove your case later. Collect names and contact information from witnesses - they can provide critical feedback to refute the other driver's incorrect story.  The names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses to your car wreck could prove critical.

Seek Help From a McKinney Personal Injury Attorney

Don't deal with insurance adjusters on your own; they have little interest in proving the other side's deceit. Instead, contact a McKinney attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can tap into otherwise inaccessible sources of evidence to prove your case. If evidence seems limited, your attorney can make the most of the few documents or witnesses available.

You can't control how the other driver behaves after your car accident. You can, however, control your own response. The right attorney can help you make the most of difficult circumstances in your personal injury case. Our website also has more tips about what to do after an accident.

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