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Risks and Consequences of McKinney's Master Thoroughfare Plan

Traffic Congestion | McKinney TX

Texas Car Accident Lawyer, Mark Underwood, discusses McKinney's Master Thoroughfare Plan which poses challenges that at first glance are not obvious. The plan's layout seems to encourage an influx of traffic and more people-a seemingly benign goal. The problem is that many key roads are not going to be widened. Bottleneck City, here we come?

Traffic congestion causes more accidents and therefore more injuries. Clutter on the road also means delays-more vehicles on the roads for longer due to gridlock and slow traffic. This congestion not only lengthens commutes, but it also increases the wear and tear on vehicles and increases fuel consumption. Even a car idling in traffic burns fuel.

The Master Thoroughfare Plan does show potential areas where new roads will be built, but critics say it misses the mark. They would rather the government widen certain existing roads that are not even part of the plan.

Meanwhile, others worry about the impact expansion will have on local businesses and even the overall way of life. McKinney Mayor, Brian Loughmiller, admits that "People will be impacted one way or another," and says the true engineering challenge has to do with minimizing the downside.

Finally, the proposed improvements to Highway 380 have sparked some public backlash. Per Dallas News, "after many angry phone calls, emails and ardent speeches... the fate of residents' homes remains unclear as the bureaucracy works toward a solution. City leaders say whatever is done with the roadway is about a decade away, and all options - including one that would gobble up several homes - are still under consideration."

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