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Alcohol Abuse and Your College Kid

Alcohol Abuse And Your College Kid

The day your child was accepted into a college program was a day full of pride and joy. You are happy with their achievement and are excited to see them continue to grow into successful young adults. When summer ended, you dropped your kid off at school, helping them haul their belongings into their dorm room. When it was time to leave, you enveloped them into a hug and told them to study hard.

University Classroom

Now that they have been at school all year, and summer is about to begin again, you have some worries. You know that college brings new opportunities, and that partying is among those experiences. As the semesters changed and the year progressed, your child checked in as you'd hoped, but now you want to make sure that the party hasn't turned into something more.

Is there a way to see if a few nights of fun have become something to worry about?

As a parent, you will never stop worrying about your child. Now that they are coming home for the summer, you just want to make sure that drinking hasn't become an issue. You're sure your kid is fine, but you still want to know what to watch out for.

Alcohol Abuse and Your College Kid

These are common signs of alcohol abuse:

    • Significant changes in weight
    • Hygiene issues
    • Tremors, shakes or bloodshot eyes
    • Changes in appetite
    • Strange sleeping habits
    • Extreme personality changes
    • Sudden mood swings
    • Agitation and unusual energy
    • Lack of motivation or paranoia

What to keep in mind

College is often a point of transition. Children grow and find themselves in these new surroundings and with these new freedoms. Some of these signs may just be part of your child growing into the young adult they want to be. If you see multiple signs and become worried, you may want to talk to your child and seek professional assistance. Alcohol addiction is serious and may result in poor judgement, such as driving while impaired and other possibly life-altering decisions.

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