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Dear Texas Car Accident Lawyer: Who pays if I'm in an accident?

Ray Amador vehicle photo.JPGQuestion: I was in a car accident in Texas a few days ago--the guy backed right into me while I was in line at Jack-In-The-Box. I tried to move my car away from his, but there really was nowhere to go. What happens now?  Do I need a Texas Car Accident Lawyer?

Answer: The most important thing for you to know is that your policy with your insurance company is a legally binding contract. That means both parties have certain duties they must perform. For you that means being truthful--both on your application and on claims--and also paying your premiums on time. For your insurance company, it means paying your claims when you have one.

Regardless of who is at fault, your insurance policy's collision coverage, can pay you for damage to your auto when it is hit by another vehicle. If you are not at fault, the other car's liability coverage can pay you for the damages you suffered. If the other car, does not have insurance, or enough insurance to pay you for your damages, your uninsurance, or underinsurance can pay you for your damages.  If the insurance company is not living up to its end of the contract, you should contact a Texas Car Accident Lawyer.

Do you have an SSI or SSDI claim?

Social-Security-Disabilty-form-stamped-APPROVED.-183295330_725x483 (1).jpeg

Suffering from an injury or illness can change your life. A disability can limit your abilities. You might not be able to work. Not being able to work can be truly devastating. If you are suffering from an injury or illness that prevents you from working, you may be able to get some assistance.

Supplementary Security Income: Monthly payments are distributed to people on a limited income.

Most drivers don't follow their own advice

Thumbnail image for Texting-and-driving-wreck-hitting-pedestrian.jpegMost studies like to point toward how perception doesn't match the facts. Distracted driving is a rare issue where everyone knows it's a problem but it continues to grow anyway. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there were 3,477 distracted driving deaths in the US in 2015 (the most recent year with statistics available) and close to 400,000 more people injured in related crashes.

The problem is real, and drivers see it every time we travel to school and work. According to a new study by Progressive Insurance to see how drivers behave, a significant majority of Americans agree that distracted driving is a problem, yet many drivers admit to the behavior themselves.

Disability In West Virginia: A Snapshot

Denied-Social-Security-disability-application-639035822_760x463.jpegNearly one out of every five West Virginian has some form of disability, according to the Pew Foundation. That's the highest rate in the country. Perhaps worse, disabilities affect West Virginians of working age-nearly one in 10 working-age Mountaineers receive disability insurance from the Social Security Administration, as this business news site reports. That, too, is the highest rate in the country.

Divorce Texas: Alcohol Dependency Treatment In McKinney, Texas

Woman-tasting-wine-Small.jpegDivorce in Texas is always awful. When a spouse is struggling with alcohol addiction, things are worse.  Alcohol abuse can be used as a factor in determining spousal support and the division of marital property. Parents who abuse alcohol can be ordered to limit their interaction with children to supervised visits: They may even lose the ability to see children. Courts can order divorcing parents to have drug tests and alcoholism assessment and education programs.

Enabling usually grows out of good intentions

You care about your family. You want what is best for them. You love them and care for them deeply. That is what families are supposed to do. It can be hard when a family member hits a few bumps in the road. You never want to see someone you love get into trouble. You don't want to stand by and watch them make mistakes or suffer. It can be hard to see a family member fall ill. It can be devastating if a family member falls ill to addiction.

Addiction is a disease that can indirectly affect an entire family. While it is natural instinct to want to help, it could be difficult to navigate exactly how to help. Sometimes good intentions result in enablement.

Do you have an SSI or SSDI claim?

Suffering from an injury or illness can change your life. In addition to the myriad adjustments your body and emotions can undergo, a disability can make it impossible to work. If you are suffering from an injury or illness that prevents you from working, you may be able to get some assistance. Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability are two programs that provide financial assistance. Read below to learn whether you qualify.

Five Common Mistakes Parents Make In Custody Cases

There's no way to say this gently. Custody battles are ugly. In the midst of all the stress and anguish over a break-up, you're also fighting for your kids. It's hard to be at your best when things are at their worst, and-for a loving parent-it's hard to find a worse situation than a protracted custody battle.

Given the pain of a custody dispute, here are five common mistakes parents make while fighting for their kids:

1. Putting Kids In The Middle

Your ex may seem like the worst thing for humanity since acne. But judges absolutely hate it when they hear that a parent is trashing an ex in front of the kids, or using the kids to send nasty messages back and forth. You don't have to lie to the kids. Acknowledge that things are stressful and you and their daddy disagree about a lot, but he's still their father. The kids must understand that they aren't the cause or in the center of the dispute.

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