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Do I Have a Case Against the Car Manufacturer If the Airbags in My Car Didn't Deploy During My Texas Car Accident?

Car Crash

Even the most responsible drivers sometimes find themselves involved in terrifying car crashes. When such accidents occur, drivers expect that all safety features will work as promised to protect themselves and other vehicle occupants. Sadly, this doesn't always happen.

Airbags, in particular, can put drivers and front passengers at risk if they fail to deploy. The ensuing physical and emotional trauma can prompt years of suffering. Without damages, victims may also struggle under the burden of medical bills and lost wages.

What Causes Airbag Failures?

The failure to deploy can be prompted by a variety of issues. Design defects and manufacturing flaws are often to blame. In other cases, the sensors intended to detect the need for deployment may prove faulty.

How the Type of Car Crash Impacts Your Case

Depending on the circumstances of your car crash, you may be able to recover damages if the airbag failed to deploy. Ultimately, this will depend on the type of crash. Rear-end collisions that occur at low speeds are rarely sufficient to recover damages, as most airbags simply are not designed to deploy in such situations. With front-end collisions at higher speeds, however, it's far easier to make a case. Typically, airbags should be expected to deploy if the collision occurs when the vehicle is traveling at speeds of 25 miles per hour or greater.

If faulty airbags or other vehicle issues caused you or a loved one suffering, justice may be within reach. We're here to help. With a Texas car accident lawyer on your side, you can hold vehicle manufacturers accountable — and secure the damages you deserve. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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