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A personal injury lawyer is there to offer legal counsel after you have been injured in an accident you did not cause. If desired, a personal injury lawyer can represent a victim’s affairs throughout their entire legal proceedings, from conception to the final ruling. This legal representation can take many forms depending on what you need from your client-attorney relationship.

When you ask, “What does a personal injury lawyer do?” the answer may encompass a wide range of legal services, including:

  • Negotiating settlements.
  • Investigating your accident to help prove liability in court.
  • Protecting your rights to keep you safe from unlawful practices.
  • Dealing with insurance companies and examining applicable policies.
  • Cataloging proof of your pain and suffering to help assign a proper monetary value to your case.
  • Handling legal paperwork and preparing key documents.
  • Taking your case to trial.
  • Calling upon the testimony of relevant authorities, such as forensic analysts and accident reconstruction experts.

For example, if you are simply looking for advice on your case, an attorney may be able to help you better understand any relevant state laws surrounding your accident. If you want to take action right away, they can assist in filing legal claims and lawsuits against the potentially liable parties. Many personal injury attorneys offer your initial consultation for free.

After You Retain an Attorney

During your initial meeting, the lawyer may begin gathering information about your case to better determine your legal options moving forward. If you do not have a case, they may explain why. If they determine that legal action is warranted, the attorney may begin the process of filing a lawsuit or claim against the negligent parties.

This may also entail reaching out to the offender in hopes of settling outside of a courtroom. The attorney may be present to assist in negotiating your settlement, presenting evidence to back up the value of your case.

If you are unable to reach a settlement, your attorney can see to it that your case is heard before a judge in civil court. Once the case moves forward, they can assist in litigation on your behalf by presenting evidence and making arguments.

While this is a typical sequence of events after you retain a personal injury attorney, every personal injury case is unique. Yours may present different challenges for you and your legal counsel.

What Types of Accidents do Personal Injury Lawyers Represent?

Any accident that causes harm to a victim may result in legal action. This includes harm to their body, mind, and finances. Types of accidents that commonly result in personal injury cases include, but may not be limited to:

  • Animal attacks, such as dog bites.
  • Motor vehicle accidents.
  • Slip and fall cases.
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Nursing home abuse.

Underwood Law Office is Ready to Fight for Your Case

If you are asking yourself, “What does a personal injury lawyer do?” during this difficult time in your life, it may be helpful to speak to one and find out how they can help with your case. Our team at Underwood Law Office has spent years serving clients just like you, and we look forward to speaking with you.

After suffering a life-altering accident, the last thing you should have to worry about is how you are going to make ends meet. That is why our attorneys help clients fight to protect their rights to compensation after suffering injuries by a negligent party. The way we see it, these reckless parties have no right to damage your livelihood without facing justice.

Our firm proudly serves clients in Texas and West Virginia. However, before moving forward, it is important to note that our states have unique personal injury laws that govern any potential legal action. In accordance with Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 and West Virginia Code 55-2-101, you have two years from the date of the injury to act. If you wait until that two-year period expires, you may no longer be eligible for potential damages.

To better understand the unique needs or your case, we offer a free consultation with one of our representatives here at Underwood Law Office. To get started today, contact our team by calling (972) 535-6377.

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