Does a Property Owner Have a Duty to Provide Security Guards?

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When you visit a store, mall, or other business premises, you expect that your safety will be ensured for the entirety of your visit. Unfortunately, many patrons suffer due to assaults, robberies, and other crimes. While perpetrators should be held accountable, the pursuit of justice may also extend to premise owners, as indicated below:

When Are Security Guards Necessary?

Does a property owner have a duty to provide security guards?

Property owners are responsible for making reasonable efforts to ensure that all occupants and visitors remain safe. This could extend beyond clearing walkways and limiting potential exposure to physical hazards. In some cases, premise owners may be responsible for preventing visitors from being injured by one another.

A variety of factors play into the necessity for security personnel. A business located in an area of town known for break-ins and violent behavior may be more inclined to invest in extensive security measures. The line of business also matters; bars and clubs, for example, commonly employ bouncers to keep patrons safe. Finally, a history of violence or criminal activity demonstrates an urgent need for amped up security.

Can I Sue If a Property Owner Lacks a Security Guard?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a property owner's failure to invest in necessary security protocols could be deemed negligence. For example, if assaults have occurred in a particular location in the past, it would be negligent for the premise owner to not respond by investing in additional security measures — including, in many cases, bouncers or guards.

If you suffered an assault or were otherwise harmed — and you believe the lack of security personnel played a role — you deserve justice. In addition to holding the perpetrator accountable, you may be able to send a message to premise owners who neglect to implement necessary security measures. We can help; reach out today to learn more about our legal services.

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