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Deep In The (Broken) Heart of Texas: Five Podcasts To Get You Through Your Divorce

Sick Woman in Bed picture | Pain of Divorce - Podcasts

"Divorce court is so awful," someone once said, "I wouldn't even wish it on my ex-wife." There's no way to put a happy face on divorce. It's stressful, painful and often tempts us to show our ugliest faces.

If you're lucky, you won't have to go through it alone. You'll have families and friends, or your clubs and social life. But that doesn't help in weary hours spent alone. With that in mind, I've put together a list of podcasts for a source of support available 24-hours a day.

1. Surviving Divorce Podcast:

The name says it all. This podcast offers supportive tips, stories and strategies for dealing with the grief that divorce causes.

2. Over Divorce:

This one is for the men, a too-often overlooked population just as in need of support. With two hosts interviewing lawyers, psychologists and all manner of experts, this podcast offers concrete insight into how men can work their way through divorce.

3. Waking Up:

This isn't actually about divorce, but why should we let divorce consume all our waking hours? Host Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and best-selling author. He runs the gamut-from the economy of food to the science of mindfulness to White House politics. He's committed to wide-ranging, thought-provoking discussion. (Bonus: He offers both a short and long-form guided meditation without the mysticism.)

4. Divorce Source Radio:

This one can be a tough, but worthwhile, listen as it tackles the usual and customary (e.g., legal strategies), but it also deals with specific relationship pains, such as infidelity.

5. Stuff Mom Never Told You (Divorced Women):

A real, refreshing attempt to peel back some of the nasty stereotypes about divorced women.

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