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Can I Sue If My Child Has Been Burned?

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It's always horrifying to see your children sustain severe injuries, but few forms of trauma are more heartbreaking than burns. As awful as these injuries can be for adults, they are that much more terrifying for young victims, who are far more vulnerable due to their tender skin.

Burn recovery can be an extensive and highly painful process for young victims, who may be forced to undergo skin grafts and a variety of other difficult treatments. In addition to the physical scars that they may bear for years, childhood burn victims may also experience extreme mental suffering, which could continue long after they appear to have recovered.

Burn Injury Lawsuits

Waiters and waitresses that serve hot foods and drinks over the heads of young children should know better. Their training should teach them better. Scalding gravy, hot coffee, hot soups and other hot drinks can cause extremely severe burns to infants and young children. A tilt of the plate or a bump of the hand, can be catastrophic to a child. Under no circumstances should restaurant staff ever serve hot foods and drinks over children.

If there's a silver lining to all this, it lies in the possibility for the parents of burn victims to sue the entities responsible for such suffering. Burns often occur at restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations, where employees are charged with maintaining safe environments. When they fail to do so, they should be held accountable. By suing negligent individuals or businesses, the parents of young burn victims can send a strong message: negligence will not be tolerated, especially when it threatens to harm vulnerable children.

The Role of Duty of Care

Success in burn injury lawsuits depends on demonstrating a duty of care — and proving that this duty was breached. Furthermore, it must be clear that the breach is responsible for the burn.

With cases involving kids, negligence could involve providing beverages that are too hot for patrons to safely consume or failing to take into account the added vulnerability of young children. Ultimately, damages will depend not only on your ability to prove a breached duty of care but also on the extent of your child's injuries and related emotional duress.

If your child has suffered harm due to negligence, it's your duty to take action. We are eager to help. We'll provide the compassionate, yet aggressive legal service you require. Reach out today to learn more.

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