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Adopting in West Virginia: A Quickstart Guide

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There are few things nobler than being willing to adopt a child. If you're considering adoption, consider these questions to help you on your way.

Who Can Adopt?

Under West Virginia law, anyone 21 years or older can adopt as long as they can show that they can afford to raise a child, are in good mental and physical health, and can offer a safe and supportive environment for the child.

Do I Need Special Training?

Yes. West Virginia requires all adoptive parents to go through a special orientation and certification process.

How Long Will It Take?

According to estimates, it typically takes between four to nine months before the adoption is official. West Virginia also goes through what's called "a trial adoption," the first six months that the child moves in with you. The idea is to make sure everything is going well.

Do I Have To Go Through The State?

No, you can arrange a private adoption with a baby's birth mother. However, the court still will have to approve the adoption, and there will be a related inquiry by a state social worker or other official.

Can I Adopt a Baby From Overseas?

Yes, generally the courts will recognize a legal adoption from a foreign land. But the state will still want to do a background check to make sure the adoption was proper and the child will be safe and supported.

Are There Other Options?

The federal government runs a program called AdoptUSKids, as another route to bringing a child into your loving home.


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