"Mr. Underwood, I just can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. You were there with a helping hand just when I needed it most and I’ll always remember you for it. – Victor"

"Mark, I wanted to let you know that the orthodontic ordeal has been finished. I was very impressed with the way you represented me in the law master’s office. The draft you also put together was also impressive. The outcome... View Article"

"Mr. Underwood, by the time you read this letter my trial should already be over with. As of right now I am scared to death because I don’t know what’s going to happen. After the motion hearing, I don’t know... View Article"

"Mr. Underwood, my husband and I wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for your outstanding performance on behalf of our daughter”. “Please rest assured we will give a high recommendation for you to anyone we know in need of legal... View Article"
--Jim and Kay

"Mark, I just wanted to send you a reminder of how much your services meant to me. I have a feeling I’d pretty much regret being the Homecoming Queen of cell block #9. Sorry I haven’t sent this sooner but... View Article"

"Mr. Underwood, I cannot thank you enough for and will never be able to repay you for literally saving my life during my criminal trial”. “My previous lawyer had suggested I plead guilty because he thought the state had an... View Article"

"Mark, I just wanted to drop you a line or two to say thank you once again, for getting me through my divorce and making it as painless as possible”. “I am now in another state and my family and... View Article"