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Huntington Car Accident Lawyer

If you suffered injuries in a car accident that you were not responsible for creating, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries, losses, and pain and suffering.

These potential damages may include:

Here at Underwood Law Office, we have worked with countless car accident victims over the years, so there is a good chance we have seen a case just like yours. If you have doubts about taking legal action against the individuals responsible for your accident, a Huntington car accident lawyer may be able to help you better understand your legal options.

We offer a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of your case, including providing general legal counsel, litigation services, handling negotiation proceedings, attempting to prove liability, and more.

For more information about personal injury law in West Virginia, contact a representative at Underwood Law Office today for your free consultation at (304) 522-0508. Our team can assist with any pressing questions you may have.

Causes of Car Accidents Frequently Resulting in Legal Cases

There were 294 deaths on West Virginia roadways in 2018, as reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Sadly, car occupants made up 36% of these fatalities, with occupants of pickup trucks and SUVs following closely behind at 31%. Even more disheartening, safe driving practices could have easily avoided many of these accidents.

Negligent behaviors cause many West Virginia accidents, like:

If a driver has endangered you, either intentionally or through their negligence, you may be eligible to recover damages if their actions caused you harm.

However, if the case goes to trial in civil court, you may need to prove why they are responsible for your accident before receiving any potential compensation. Some victims choose to turn to a car accident lawyer, placing their case into the hands of a legal professional.

Proving Liability in West Virginia Injury Claims

Short of the offender admitting their guilt, providing liability may involve multiple steps to slowly build a clear narrative surrounding the accident.

For example, if a driver rear-ends your car at a stoplight and claims you slammed on your brakes in front of them, thereby causing the accident, the skid marks on the pavement and the accompanying video footage from the traffic cameras can help disprove their version of events.

Other research methods we use at Underwood Law Office may include:

However, determining liability in Huntington brings unique challenges. In accordance with West Virginia Code 55-7-13A, the state practices comparative fault in personal injury claims, meaning that your settlement can be affected if you are somewhat responsible for your accident. The percentage of responsibility you have for your accident may reduce your final settlement.

Even so, with a Huntington car accident lawyer by your side, you can concentrate on the more important things in life while we work to overcome any potential legal hurdles. Our attorneys are ready and able to take the legal burden off your shoulders once we learn more about your case.

To get started with your free consultation and case review, contact an Underwood Law Office representative today at (304) 522-0508. We will not leave any stone unturned.

Car Accident Lawyers Ready to Assist with Your Legal Journey

Here at Underwood Law Office, we hope retaining a Huntington car accident lawyer at our firm can allow you to get some much-needed recovery. Our attorneys are proud of what we do, and we love serving West Virginia victims during their time of need.

With a better understanding of the law by your side, your unique needs will remain the top priority at our firm. Above all else, we will fight to help ensure nobody takes advantage of your inalienable rights.

If you have any questions about the next steps in your legal journey, your free consultation with an Underwood Law Office representative is waiting at (304) 522-0508.

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