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Meet Our Team

Underwood Law Office Team

When Mark Underwood was growing up, a corner was set aside in his house for a picture of a young man in a military uniform. When Mark was old enough, he asked: “Mommy who is that a picture of?”

His mom told him: “Mark, that’s a picture of Alfred Edsel Elkins. He is my daddy. He is your grandfather. He was a coal miner with the McKell Coal Company. He left the mines to fight in World War, II. When he got home, he worked for a chemical company called Union Carbide. Union Carbide was a dangerous place to work. It did not care about safety. Your grandfather was killed while working at Union Carbide. I was only eight years old when he died. Your uncles were even younger. It was very hard on our family.”

Over the years, the story stuck with Mark Underwood. Mark went to law school. After graduating from law school in 1989, he worked for large law firms with clients like Union Carbide. His mother’s story was always with him. He knew he wanted to help people get their life back after terrible disasters. He knew he wanted to help families going through tough times like his mother did. As soon as he got the chance to start his own law firm, he took the opportunity.

In 1997, he started Underwood Law Offices. Since then, Underwood Law Offices has helped people in their most desperate times of need. They are dedicated to obtaining justice for the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless and the defenseless. Their lawyers are committed to the jury system. They believe it is the most effective method of ensuring the powerless receive justice from the powerful.

Underwood Law Offices has the experience and resources to represent clients in the widest variety of cases. Their cases have ranged from the catastrophic 2010 Upper Big Branch Coal Mine Explosion that killed 29 people, the 2013 West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion that killed 15 people, the 2014 Freedom Industries MCHM Chemical Spill that poisoned the water for 300,000 people to a $40.00 ERISA case that made international news.

Its areas of practice include: 1. Personal injury; 2. Disability; 3. Family law; 4. Workers’ Compensation; 5. Criminal Defense; 6. Consumer Protection. 7. Mass torts/multi plaintiff/class actions, and disasters.


Our Goal Is To Get Your Life Back

To schedule your free consultation with a member of our team, please call our McKinney office at 972-535-6377 or our Huntington office at 304-522-0508. You may also send us an email. Se habla español.

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